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Stretch marks are a common side effect of weight loss and pregnancy. While stretch marks aren’t hazardous to your health, there are noninvasive treatments available to reduce their appearance. At Jewell Family & Elder Medicine PA in Rock Hill, South Carolina, board-certified physician, James Jewell, MD, offers innovative stretch mark reduction solutions using the advanced Icon™ laser technology. Find out how Icon can address unsightly stretch marks without incisions by calling the office today or by using the online booking system to request an appointment.

Stretch Mark Reduction Q & A

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks develop when your skin stretches too far or too fast, usually due to fluctuations in your weight or pregnancy. The changes in your skin when it stretches cause breaks in the collagen and elastin, both of which are vital for healthy, young-looking skin.

Damage to collagen and elastin result in noticeable bands of discolored skin, known as stretch marks. Skin bands may appear red, purple, or even dark brown and you may feel raised or depressed areas of tissue. For some people with significant stretch marks, persistent itchiness develops in the bands.

In addition to weight changes, you can develop stretch marks due to underlying medical issues, such as Cushing’s disease or other hormone-related conditions.

When should I consider treatment for stretch marks?

While many people have some areas of mild stretch marks somewhere on their body, those with moderate to severe marks may be bothered by the persistent itchiness or the appearance of their skin.

Your Jewell Family & Elder Medicine PA provider can evaluate your overall skin health to determine the best course of treatment for your stretch marks. Your doctor creates a treatment plan that focuses on reducing skin itchiness and minimizing the appearance of the discolored bands of tissue.

How are stretch marks treated?

Initially, you may try home remedies to improve skin moisture and reduce the appearance of mild to moderate stretch marks. While some people may have success with over-the-counter lotions and creams designed to treat stretch marks, you may achieve better results with laser energy for stretch mark reduction.

Using the Icon laser system, your provider delivers heat energy to break down the bands of discolored tissue. Over time, the stretch marks begin to fade, and your body starts producing new, healthy collagen to replace damaged skin cells.

As new collagen forms, your skin becomes smoother, more evenly textured, and even younger-looking. Your results can last for years with the right skin care routine, daily exercise, and a nutritious diet.

How many laser treatments will I need for stretch mark reduction?

Depending on the severity of your stretch marks, you might need four to eight laser treatments to successfully achieve your desired result.

Your Jewell Family & Elder Medicine PA provider creates a custom treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and is based on your medical history. Your doctor discusses how many treatments you’ll need during your initial consultation.

If you’re tired of seeing stretch marks every time you look in the mirror, schedule a stretch mark reduction consultation with the team at Jewell Family & Elder Medicine PA today online or by calling the office.

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